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The main product. Available in 4 sizes. They can connect to each other for longer/thicker hair. They will last a lifetime. For Average hair a Small Holdi-Locks® can make a bun.  Longer and or thicker hair below the shoulder blades the Large Holdi-Locks® will fit better. To make a tighter fit, wrap a Ruffled Band on the Holdi-Locks® before rolling hair on it, and / or  around the bun after.

Large is 4.875" x 1.375" x .1" or 12.5cm x 3.7cm x .25cm

Small is 4.25" x  1.375" x .08" or  10.8cm x 3.7cm x .2

New Medium and X-Small Made in the USA!

For space buns use 2 Small or X-Small Holdi-Locks®. The Holdi-Ties  can be cut shorter, works the best.

For an elastic-free ponytail connect 2 Small Holdi-Locks® together, put under all hair, bring up together at the top, criss-cross them and connect with a Holdi-Wand.

The Holdi-Buttons go on with a slip knot. Tighten by adding a second slip knot.

The Holdi Ties can help to determine how long your band should be. They are designed to be folded once to join both ends together Check out the You Tube play list Holdi-Locks Hair Buns for detailed instructions.

 Tangle, headache and droop free hold. Works like a flexible perm roller. Latches easily, and comes out easily.

Holdi Blings buckle in both sides and are interchangeable, any .375″  – 1.125″ wide x 5″  inch band will work. Personalize with any design, make for team uniforms or bridesmaids.

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